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Blowing Out the Darkness takes a new look at emotional management. In reading this book, be prepared for an unusual and thought-provoking challenge as well as practical tools for the management of emotional life issues, especially anger and rage.


The book offers practical tools for the resolution of emotional difficulties, especially those of depression, anger, and rage. Yet the tools are applicable to any emotional issue. It provides an in-depth discussion of the skills one can use in conflict, especially when the other person is non-cooperative. The identification and living of one's values are emphasized.


Additionally, the book provides a philosophic and practical perspective on the underlying processes of emotional maturity. It contends that a fundamental loss to our society has occurred with our emphasis on technology and objectivity, with the consequent devaluing of the skills of subjectivity. These skills of subjectivity are explored in detail and proposed as providing a place of healing, both for individuals and for society as a whole. We can live our lives differently; we can have a more effective society.

Blowing out of the Darkness

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