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Have you ever been caught in anger or rage, not able to move beyond it? Does it sap you of your personal power and satisfaction? If so, my Blowing Out the Darkness program is for you.


My name is Dave MacQuarrie. I am a retired physician and psychotherapist who had worked in the anger management field for over 25 years in Ontario and British Columbia. I am currently based in West Vancouver and function as a coach in emotional management.


The need for good anger management is so great. Anger is the canary in the coal mine of our society, an early warning sign of the overwhelming power of the pain so many of the dysfunctions in our society generate – stress, trauma, depression, and more.


My ‘blowing out’ process, with its sophisticated but simple tools, has helped thousands of people, men and women, live into the healing depths of the Serenity Prayer – “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Details are available in my book Blowing Out the Darkness: The Management of Emotional Life Issues, Especially Anger and Rage. I also have a PhD in Spirituality. The book arising from my dissertation is Acedia: The Darkness Within (and the darkness of Climate Change). Unless we learn to manage our emotional health, we will not resolve the underlying issues of global warming; we will not survive as a species.


Interested? Know someone who might benefit? Check out my free ‘Email Anger Management’ program. For personal work, give me a call at 604-725-4707 or send me an email at to set up a free exploration of the benefits that might flow from our collaboration.


Together, you can be more awake and adept at living beyond anger into serenity, courage and wisdom. You can live more effectively.

Grab a copy here!!!

Grab a copy here!!!

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There are many books written on the need to change consciousness but rarely does anyone explore the depths of humanity's refusal to do so, even under threat of the approaching cataclysm in our refusal to deal with climate change. Dave MacQuarrie has written such a book. In it, he explains both why it is so difficult for us to change turd what all of us can do to become more aware and more free of the darkness within. It is a superb book.

- Jim Garrison. President and CEO of Ubiquity University. and author of Civilization and the Transformation of Potter.

Acedia is a well-informed and inspired book about the historical and psychological origins of a centuries old affliction. Acedia masterfully connects the dots between personal psychological traumas and looming environmental collapse. Dr. MacQuarrie pulls no punches, yet offers a ray of hope that we just might save our future.

- Christian de Quincey, PhD, Professor of Philosophy and Consciousness Studies, John F. Kennedy University, and author of Ranal Nature: The Soul of Matter.

This is a wise, searching book by an authentic scholar and seeker. It helps us enter into the darker waters of our crisis, and find their treasures of dark wisdom and endurance.

- Andrew Harvey. poet. mystical scholar. Founder/Director of the Institute of Sacred Activism, and author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism.

Dr. MacQuarrie has lifted the ancient monastic curse of twee& out of its medieval tomb and applied it aptly to the disease of the contemporary world. His interpretation of the human resistance is perceptive and provides important insights into our present inclination to repudiate changes that demand action on our part. A serious and sensitive work

- Father John-Julian. an Episcopal priest and contemplative monk, translator of Julian of Norwich's Revelations of Divine Love.

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